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The breakfast of champions
January 7, 2014, 9:28 am
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So this poor art student is stuck on the train with a deranged bald woman desperately trying to articulate a mission statement about bookbinding, paper, drawing, the state of art education and how to get on with it.

I laboured the point about the bookbinding for some time and when it’s boiled down it’s this. If you make your own sketch books you can reverse engineer them and make them in the order you want or need.

I’ll try it this way. Create the sketch book you think that your tutor wants to see. Maybe this way. Create the pages that you are happy with. Make them in to ‘signatures’ and sew them up in to a block. Maybe this way. Recreate your ideas in to a book.

Take control of the flow. You know that horror of the rubbish drawing in a book well recreating the book cure that particular problem.

Obviously the punch line is a little bit of bookbinding impress the socks of professional art teachers.

Ultimately it gets down to this “take control of the elements of the page and learn page layout. The ‘rules’ apply even to the hand drawn page. Generate your own rules”


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