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The bench is a lonely hunter.
January 22, 2014, 10:39 am
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Sometimes you are going down the wrong road, chasing the fake, you fail to recognise the doubt and your at a lost to understand how you could possibly fail to see that the ‘work’ is wrong and out of tune.

All thats happened is the suppression of the mechanisms that should be in place to prevent the waste of time and more scandalously the destruction of materials.

You just didn’t listen enough and you didn’t hear.

Whats more I recognise that I am feeling lonely. It’s a long day and it’s grey and very dull and I am failing with the materials and what I am trying to achieve.
So I’ll beat myself up some more.

It’s going to be a no win situation until I call a halt to this state of affairs.
I will write up clear and precise achievable targets for the bookbinding and printing.
The time when I experience the most loneliness I’ll go and do some psychical I’ll ride my bike or go for a dig on the allotment.
I will also realise that buying 25p chocolate swiss rolls is not going to make me happy but will annoy me intensely.


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