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I am going to become a fine art consultant.


Admittedly I have toyed with the idea for some time it’s was only yesterday that the idea formed fully realised in my head and I know I could do it.

In my travels yesterday I talked with the business consultant where I pitched “old Ma Thompson’s bookbinding academy” thats my bookbinding propaganda and promotion division. Basically it’s my three workshops on teaching bookbinding to the very keen. I can do ‘bookbinding for book artists’ and ‘foundation skills for bookbinding’ and ‘the care and feeding of sketch books’ perfectly formed little workshops where every body gets tons of materials to practice with. It’s a winner.

Then I went to the craft shop and showed them my latest bookbinding attempts and talked them through the promotional materials I have been cooking up and in the course of the conversation I asked what were the trends they were seeing. That was really useful, obviously I am not telling you because you will beat me to it but I know what I am going to be binding next week.

Then I got to thinking what I should do is get in to the trend forecasting business for art students. I would be aiming it at first year students because they become way to cynical when they come back for second year.

I would go around the final year shows, talk to teachers, read the art industry press and read the blogs. I would distil all that down to make up a list of ideas that art teachers like and I would flog that list on a private subscription basis. I would also include book lists, exhibition guides and I would make myself available for cake and chat.

The genius of this idea is that I also am going to offer a package to middle aged women art teachers because they like to make their work look like the work of young girls. A sweeping and damming generalisation if ever there was one. Ageist, sexist and patronising I am a one stop shop of hate. Guilty of everything I say.

I am going to go my bench on my tippy toes and not scare away any slumbering half asleep books that are in need of a cover design. What ever I stick on a cover today is going to be strong meat.

I wanted a second hand art book yesterday but it was £6 which I don’t have but this morning I found a damp and soggy £5 I shall use my bookbinding chops to bring it back to life and go and buy the book.


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