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The bookbinding tools you really need. The Louet Awl Gauge.
February 13, 2014, 12:49 pm
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Sometimes I come across a tool that is just a joy to use. It does the job it has been made for with such deft and you get a real buzz from using it.


This is the Louet awl gauge. It’s available for the good people at Shepherds and the link is to the left. Under Materials.

There is many kinds of bookbinding going on, I make books with blank pages as opposed to some one involved in book repair or conservation where they are going to resew the book using the original sewing stations.


On the other hand I am making a book with new paper. So I want to make the holes for the sewing and tapes in each signature before I sew it up.


Previously I would stick the book block in the lying press use an engineer’s square to mark the spine up and then I would use a small hand saw to cut the book. I used a small saw and a light touch. If I am working on a big series of books they would have been sawn.


Adjust the the screw until you get the measurements right and then mark the holes you will pierce and enjoy the experience.


Yes it’s an expensive tool but you will never regret buying it. If you use it in a teaching session students who have never book bound before take it like a duck to water. I’ve had students come in the next day and say they bought one.


If you do buy one buy the awl that was designed to use for it yes it’s expensive as well but it’s nice in the hand.

All our tools should be this good.

I use a pencil to label the hole I need to pierce and I should have used a bit of tape.


This is the ‘gutter’

Go on you know you want one.


If I was the Louet people in The Netherlands I would seriously think of changing it’s name to something like to “miracle bookbinding tool”.


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