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On not manufacturing.
February 21, 2014, 9:18 am
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I think it’s important that I make small groups of books, that they are individually made, that their dimensions are whats required for that book at that time. I recognise that in a series of books there will be different sizes and that my measurements do ‘drift’


I think that it’s vital that if I am going to go down the craft shop \ gallery route that I make a group of books.

What I mean is the opposite of a production line. People who make things with their hands should not even begin to emulate industrial practices and methods. I am not in competition with Ikea.


The word ‘artisan’ is currently being flogged to death by being applied to anything and everything. It’s a code to the consumer that ‘this’ item is somehow legit, that it’s ‘real’ it’s made by a ‘person’ no ‘machines’ where involved in it’s making. Weaponised craft.


What I intend to do is offer shops a little group of books, all different ones. Like a layer of a chocolate box.


I have no idea if they would want this. It makes for a good display. They should not be behind glass.

They will be cheap but proud.


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