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Thinking about a glueing press.
April 28, 2014, 9:25 am
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My husband has returned to work after a break and I am going to go back to making books and thinking about how to overcome the issues I have about making multiples of books.


I need press that will allow me to ‘glue up’ (technical bookbinding phrase) the spines of books. Lots of them. Now I assumed that this is something that I can lash up from an old plough and I would go on an awfully big adventure on a bus to various trade stores and buy threaded bar, nuts, bolts, cut bits of wood and sheet steel and I could then magic up a press. The only magic going on here is my thinking.

I think I would be better off actually making a new press with two new pieces of wood. Like a small version of the beast.


So trip is back on! I’ll be needing an all day bus ticket because I am going to talk to men who are wearing brown overalls and have massive warehouses full of stuff.

Then again I could order it all of ebay!


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