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and there will be titles…..
July 14, 2014, 8:32 am
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As soon as I can buy some brass spacing.

I suffer or rather ‘the work’ suffers from my heavy hands by this I mean that I can be unsubtle, work can be uneven, not fully thought out, I can have issues with the quality of the finish.

But some times I am down right dangerous.

I have melted type in a type holder over a finishing stove more than once. While it in no way resembles a stream of hot lava it can take you by surprise when a puddle of metal hits the bench.

This type is cast from a harder metal and it will take some heat but I have no spacing materials so I am going to get some brass which won’t melt at all.

So the little books will be named.


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Cannot wait to see it!! Today I am making a book (s) they will be a very poor relation ; but still beloved!!

Comment by helen1950

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