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That allotment thing I do.
July 14, 2014, 8:51 am
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Is looking like this at the moment. I have decided that before I go and do great bookbinding I am going to do some gardening. I’ve been skip diving again and have a mass of materials to take down. Thankfully I managed to get all the swag away in my wheel barrow with out any of the embracing scenes that happened a few months ago when I was captured in the middle of a misunderstanding in the back yard of a C.I.U. with some decking.

The lady steward is still dining out on that story. Seemingly I looked like a dangerous psychopath because I had a big saw in my hands. That and I am bald.


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I can share a similar story as I too am incline to delve into skips! But I disguise my baldness with a bandanna that is incline to become a little or a lot askew and not an attractive vision … if one is as you say welding a might plank of wood! Your allotment looks very tidy … have a good day

Comment by helen1950

When caught in a compromising situation my first act is to whip off the hat if I’ve got one on and go for the chemo sympathy vote. That or it just startles them.

Comment by growlygracepress

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