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What women really want is a empty skip two or three times a year.
August 8, 2014, 8:39 am
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The other day my freezer decided to defrost and it I lost the whole contents and I was beside myself with happiness. I had recently bought several large rubble bags specifically to take rubbish and junk to the tip. I was able to decant the thawing food in to the bags, take the bags to the car, drive five minutes away and put the food in to a skip and bring the empty bags back.

The freezer defrosting had set me free. It was jam packed full of food that I has hoarding and had no real desire to cook. I am now born again with a functioning freezer which I will treat with respect and not treat like a frozen dustbin.

I am going to open every bag, drawer, box in the house and get rid of all that offends me. I may even get carried away and go to far.
The thrill of all.


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I am going to do the same … Brazilian’ s don’t hoard and live very simply … the ones I have met … mainly in and around the favelas and they are happy. Lots of generalisations and assumptions; I know! … will enjoy removing things that I don’t enjoy any more. Have a good day … hxx

Comment by helen1950

Sometimes a small disaster is all that is needed. A moth infestation in my wardrobe might be useful.

Comment by Scarlet

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