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On the allotment and at the bookbinding bench.
August 20, 2014, 8:34 am
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I get up at 5.15 in the morning, I read the internet, drink coffee and we then take the monster for a walk. Then I go down to the allotment and look closely at the plot and I decide what work I am going to do later on that day.
The other day the African security guard at Tesco’s said to me “Miss do you have a farm?” I said “No I have an allotment in Heaton.

I have been dressing more and more in green, tweeds, country checks and I wear big boots and sometimes I have dirt on my face. I do look a bit farmy and I might have a rifle to kill the vermin I certainly have a border collie.

My latest thing I have worked out with the allotment is that I have failed to regularly feed it. I started well but I stopped and I think that’s the problem with the vegtables. So I am drenching it with miracle grow once a week now. I am preparing a bed for winter vegetables and I am going to lavish it with straw, chicken manure, blood fish and bone and hoof and horn because this is not an allotment it’s urban voodoo.

The other thing about the allotment is that it’s not just the growing the stuff you have to dig it up and eat it. Some times you get stuck in the groove of tending and caring and you don’t “see” that the Savoy cabbage should be out of the bed and on to plate.

With the bookbinding the problem I face is similar. I need to find an outlet for the books I want to bind as opposed to the making of books I think will appeal to people in a craft shop.



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Hehe this made me smile … Thanks

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