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What I think about when I think about bookbinding.
September 8, 2014, 8:57 am
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I have been away form my bench for two whole weeks, the first week was because my husband was off work and we did stuff or he did stuff and I kept out of his way. Then last week I did a lot of running around and garden stuff. I also had no desk top computer and I could not generate the type for a book title.


So this week I need to commit to some ‘sustained try’

I will go to my bench and clear away all the unfinished books that are loitering without intent and put them on the shelf.

I will make a new book to familiarise myself with paste, glue, linen and leather. Two weeks is a long time.

A couple of weeks back I pitched an idea for an exhibition and it obviously was rejected as it was that brilliant and I was guilty of practicing art with out a licence. But it was as great and powerful idea as I have ever had so I think I might be making that book this week.

I will mainly be thinking about writing the fabled ‘hand out’ for a bookbinding workshop because I have two of them coming up in the next couple of months.

I will be thinking of trying to find an outlet for my little books where they can be comfortable with the other items.

I could try it on with the university to see if they would like me to do a weeks course but I think the answer is no. Refusal can cause offence.


I was in a conversation with someone who thinks that my lack of commissioned work is because I pissed the clients off and he’s wrong.

I don’t see commissioned work because I kept saying no and I am going to keep saying it. The big wake up call I got last year was a deep and penetrating understanding about my value as a maker and how I was deluding myself.

I am only going to make the books I want to.



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