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How I put a title on a book spine.
September 17, 2014, 10:49 am
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I like great big books, the bigger the better, weapon sized, books of fear and doom, big fuck off books.
I’ve been working on tiny things for far too long.


I mean it’s nice enough and all that but when it comes down to it nothing makes a statement like a big book.


This book was so big that I had to stand on my toes just to sew it up. I want to make books so big that an entire cow is needed to wrap it in leather.


The ruler shows the scale of the size of the book.


It’s thick and has a coloured edge. Always a win.


This is some of the cut outs that I’ve done for the title.

I am going to cut out the title in a thinly pared leather.
I have made a die where I have cut out the letters and placed them on a strip of board. I have reversed the letters.


Then I am going to dampen covering leather, place the die and some cling film on the leather and give it a quick nip in the press.
So I will have a guide as to where I am going to place the set of letters that I have cut out and will stick on to the leather.
I know it sounds so confusing. I cut out two sets of letters of glued down card and one set of letters on pared down leather.


I will explain it all over again when I do some more work on it.

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