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Think I will go for a dig
October 15, 2014, 8:53 am
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Rather than move unmade and unwanted books about my bench I really think that I would be better off having a good cathartic dig at the allotment. I am building a mighty shed which (a) I have not told the allotment committee and (b) my husband has no faith in me what so ever that I can do it.
A double win situation!
All last week I woke up with such a sense of dread about the shed situation. We are squatting in a very busted plot, using the very busted shed and the even more busted greenhouse. The allotment committee were cool for us to use it till Autumn. It’s now Autumn and I have to make a shed to store tools but I have no money but I have a collection of wood, bricks and concrete I’ve taken from skips. I splashed out on a bag of screws. What’s not to like. It’s the same leap of faith and imagination that makes for Christmas tree decorations. Except it’s very big and has a door.


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