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determination and ambition
November 18, 2014, 11:41 am
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I reckon that if I work a bit harder at the ‘determination and ambition’ stuff I would see more ‘success and perfection’ I have surprised my husband by my shed building activities and he mentioned that he was struck by my determination to build the shed because he sees me as lacking in vitamin determination and he’s right I am determination deficient and I chronically lack ambition.

When I was counting the many ways of my failures the other day I realised that was making a massive category error in that I was ignoring the fantastic success of the allotment where I am insanely ambitious.

I am building a shed even though I have no woodworking skills and it’s going to be a great shed.

If I wanted to seriously study ‘New directions in bookbinding’ for the next three years I know I can.

I am off to town to look at shed felt. I remember I used to do a talk about doing bookbinding to architectural students they had to do a book project for their course and I would strongly suggest that they make the books out of building materials. Might do some shed books with the scraps.


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