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New Directions in Bookbinding
November 18, 2014, 10:16 am
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When I was college studying bookbinding I was probably the only person who was using the library and there was this big section on bookbinding 686 if we want to be Dewy about it. I absolutely loved it. After I left college I set about buying the books that I really liked and one of the books that had eluded me for years was this one “New Directions in Bookbinding’ and I managed to buy this copy of ebay for £7.50.

It’s a very strange book. Look at the contents page.


This is the only book I know of that goes seriously looks at just how you develop a design for a cover of a bound book and Philip Smith backs his methods up further by showing the pages of his own note books.


It’s just an astonishing tour de force. It just might be the only book on bookbinding that you would ever need. If you seriously applied yourself to the book and if you could access a mentor then you might just be able to pull it off. It would be like training for the priesthood.


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686.3 in 23rd Dewey … just love the jacket

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