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One of the best books I’ve seen about bookbinding in a while.
January 8, 2015, 2:08 pm
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I am still processing all my thoughts after doing the series of bookbinding workshops in December. I am still struck by my total commitment to the handmade book. I got to thinking what if I can find a really great book on technique that I can use as a text book and work through all the examples make tons of samples and let the workshop students know that this book can let them become the bookbinder they want to be.
This is a great concept. It goes wrong because this book is just a little bit intimidating. Actually its still fantastic but dear God its scary stuff.

Years ago when I was learning to marble paper I was very frustrated that the book showed beautiful photo after beautiful photo of beautiful faultless paper but my paper sucked big style and I had to trash a lot of paper and paint before I got examples that I was happy with.
When I started bookbinding it took a long time before I got books that were good enough to give away to the children I was regularly babysitting. I could not give the books away they were so bad.
I had to make more and more books and work at solving the problems that I was incorporating in to the books. Poor measurements, bad glueing, rough work and the books would not be square.
And I was actually attending college with a good tutor, reading loads and loads of books on technique and it took considerable time and effort to get to a level I was happy with.

This is a great book an outstanding contribution to the craft. I am going to promote it at every opportunity and I am going to say it’s going to be a long, long journey but this book will be your constant companion and you won’t ever get lost.





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I’ve spent a good few hours putting together various bookbinding tutorials and resources on my dedicated bookbinding website that you and your visitors might find of interest. It’s aptly named –

Thanks for the post though, I’ve actually read this book and it is good. Credits to the author.


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