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These are the books I am excited by this week.
March 6, 2015, 10:55 am
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It’s a good solid series of books. I am in love with one of them so much I may have to go out the house with it and have a cup of coffee in a cafe. Me and the book would be on a date.

So get your coat ‘English bookbinding styles 1450 – 1800’ you have scored.
For the very life of me I don’t know why I have not read this book before. I was kinda vaguely aware of it but never made the time to get to know it. It’s beautiful and unfortunately now very expensive so I will never own it. I shall keep it out the library a very long time and I shall introduce it to it’s proper soul mate.


I am unashamedly utterly captivated by Emily Dickinson and I am now going to build a collection of books for my shrine. I have started with ‘The Gardens of Emily Dickinson’ because I seen it at a great price and I have a vague intention to do some ‘stuff’ with flowers.

I have just bought ‘Bound’ am searching for a entry level bookbinding book that I can wave about at a workshop, tip out a bag of books I have made from the book and suggest that the students go and buy the book, these here tools and that there materials and teach them selves how to bind books. I don’t care for exposed spine sewing and I hate that whole recycled, reworked vintage shit but it floats a lot of boats for some people. The instructions on sewing alone is worth buying for. Clear and precise most excellent.

I have “Under the influence John Deakin, photography and the lure of Soho” this is one of the most beautifully photography produced book I have seen in my life there is such honour on show here that it makes me want to cry.

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