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Making the right choices about a printing press being loaded on a trailer.
April 1, 2015, 6:49 am
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I was coming out of the allotment gate yesterday when I seen a man struggling to place a printing press on to a trailer and that is not a sight you see every day and I said ‘I like that press’ and he said do you want to buy it as I can transport it and I realised that I could buy it and I would have a great big press and I came to my senses and I said ‘No’ and I walked away and then I walked back and realised that I really didn’t want it and I checked again with all my feelings and I knew I was right I didn’t want it and I didn’t need it.

I was loving the fact that I was making reason based decisions and there was a total absence of emotion. I was being rational.

I was thinking earlier this year that I really suck at typography. I know good page layout when I see it but I am incapable of doing it and worse than that I have nothing to say in beautifully hand set 18 point italic Garamond. Again I am being rational.

The printing I do is little more than rubber stamping and I do it because it makes me laugh. Again I am being rational.

Besides I have a big old proofing press under the bench I have not even begin to makes it’s acquaintance.

As I was walking back to the lovely old Cropper press I was calculating the price for rollers and how much a photo polymer base plate would cost through the lens of I suck at typography.

I love it when I am in a rational state.

While I am at it I know that my books are not selling in the craft shop because the hot lights are warping the covers and the books are in failure mode. No one wants to buy a book that will not close. It’s the first thing they teach you at bookbinder clown school.
I am going to get the books and put them in a press for a nice long squeeze. If that fails I’ll open up the endpapers and line the boards and re paste the endpapers again.

I think I need to find a bookbinding technique and materials that will withstand display lighting.


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I know people want to flick through a book before buying it, but if you can’t persuade the shop to keep one on display with ‘DISPLAY COPY – GET A CLEAN COPY AT THE COUNTER’ written prominently in it and the stock for sale under said counter, then you need to try and display them tightly wrapped and sealed in cellophane pockets. Or go the other way round – all copies on display tigtly wrapped and a label on the back ASK AT THE COUNTER SEE THE HANDLING COPY.

Can’t think of another way round it. I hand bind my books too, but sell them through the post and then they are shelved in private homes/libraries, but I have seen what happens to my bindings in hot shops, and it’s just as you describe. I guess my bindery is cold and relatively damp, and that is likely the cause of the problem. Best of luck.

Comment by Graham Moss

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