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on being judged by my appearance.
May 7, 2015, 11:55 am
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Sometimes I am acutely aware that the people around me have drawn their conclusion about my appearance and will proceed to action. At a recent workshop I taught at when I walked in to the room a student burst out laughing and then tried to recover from his embarrassment. I have been in coffee shops and restaurants and have been given the ‘evil eye’ that I ‘knew’ instinctively that my appearance was upsetting and disturbing people. Last week as I crossed the path of a woman in the street she asked if I needed help with my shopping and it totally threw me as I was just approaching my house and I was saying a breezy ‘no thanks I just live here’ and I know she means well.
It’s just a constant have to deal with.

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The ones who mean well are the worst. You can’t shake your fist at them!

Comment by ethanbyrnedidit

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