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I haven’t bound a proper book for a couple of months now mainly it’s because the allotment needs my attention. I like the scale of the allotment it’s working with a large area instead of the distance between my hand and eyes and the surface of my bench. The allotment is a big testament to my mistakes.
I cram in plants with a shoe horn it means that I can’t hoe them. So this morning I took a bed and evicted a lot of plants, I hacked back the borage I had planted for the bees as it was a hazard to navigation, I hoed around the plants to get some air in to the soil, I removed dead leaves and I am going to give them a feed of seaweed tonic.
After this I am going to go to my bench and reconnect with my bookbinding and make a book that new and different to me, that encompasses my ideas about decorating book covers and what the experience of how the book functions in the hand. Size and Colour. Function and Form. The outcome is not about selling the book to a client it’s about the model I am going to construct of what I think about when I think about books. Might be a bit abstract but I will know it when I see it.
Then I might go swanning about with my new book and have a cup of coffee.


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