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The vegtable beauty contest.
August 21, 2015, 8:53 am
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It’s the allotment vegetable show tomorrow and I am going to put vegetables in as many of categories as I can because it is seen by the old allotment men as a ‘good thing’ and ‘taking part’ and stuff like that. In my real life I am very uneasy with competing and have never entered a book in a show to be judged. Some artists who I have made books for have and that’s different when it comes down to myself I give juried shows a miss.
Because the old men have been doing the allotments for a very long time I absolutely no chance of winning anything so I am going to put in my second best vegetables as I am going to eat the best stuff!
The old men are clever they start with the date of the show and work back every thing they show will have been grown to be at it’s best for this weekend.
I have cauliflowers that looked fantastic last week but are useless for a show but they are going to make great cauliflower cheese. I have a marrow that I continued to let grow because I knew I was going to be disappointed if I cooked and stuffed it so that can go to the beauty show.
I was talking to an old gardener the other day about sprouting broccoli and he said there is no point in growing it and when I asked why he explained that there was no ‘category’ for it. If it’s not on the list for the show he won’t grow it.
I am going to grow what I want to eat and I’ll get better and better at it and really come to terms with succession sewing and I will never grow purple tepee beans again as they get really tough and are horrid.


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