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the crossover between allotments and bookbinding bench
September 1, 2015, 11:03 am
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I am refining and refining my model of being successful with the allotment. My measure for judging it is going to be to produce enough vegetables for a salad for lunch and for our evening dinner. This to be throughout the year. Don’t really know how possible this is going to be.
The one thing we got absolutely right was that we cleared the whole plot and then created long narrow beds of one point two meters width separated by paths. I see lots of plots where the holders just become over whelmed by the tasks and their garden ‘goes over’ and it becomes overgrown with weeds and they won’t get it back. You have to clear the plot and keep the soil clean. I weed the beds and the paths several times a week. I pull off all the yellowing leaves. I feed the plants with different feeds. I’ll evict whole rows of beans if they are tough and horrid. I won’t bother to grow radichio because even though the packet said that it’s bitter I somehow thought it would be a nice tasting bitter. I was wrong.
My latest thinking is to continue to plant single rows of vegetables all over the place Like I have a row of chard then a row of beetroot then a row peas because it’s gives different levels and it’s pleasing on the eye.Some one just commented that it looks like Mr McGregor’s garden which pleased me greatly.
I am going to make a point of eating cauliflower and broccoli the size of my fist because I lost a lot of them because they went to seed and if I sticking rows in I could get enough through summer and autumn.
I am growing what I want to cook.

My allotment is successful fundamentally because of the insights I developed while making books at my bench and I need to reinvent and invigorate that process. Maybe I’ll make books with vegetables on them.


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