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don’t call it a hobby.
October 27, 2015, 10:30 am
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Someone asked me how my bookbinding was ‘coming along’ and I replied that I consider it a colossal failure but I am reasonably all right about it and he said so it’s going to be a ‘hobby’ and I was immediately defensive and clear that my what ever I consider my relationship with bookmaking I rate it more life enhancing than hobby.

A new craft shop has opened at the top of my street and I dared myself to walk in and talk about my books and prints and pointed out perhaps to excitedly that I was indeed a very local maker and my stuff is really good and as I was touching a piece of embroidered felt book marker I realised that I wanted the ground to open me up and swallow me.

The bookbinding is just fine and I suck at promotion and I am fine about that as well.

I have at least one workshop coming up in December and I think I shall go and do some work on my handout.


I currently do have a bookbinding commission.

I am going to investigate bookbinding structures that I believe ‘work’ but can be made for very little money and I can give them away.

It’s not a hobby.

the little hand made book as fulfilment.
October 22, 2015, 2:32 pm
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This is a little book I made to write my seed list in, I read seed catalogues till my eyes bleed, I make notes and ticks and ten I get some nice paper and sew it up. This year I even made a cover for it as I am getting obsessive about painting. I went further and got some type out and printed seeds! and I added the Crawhall jester to see how it printed. I gave the paper a polish with some wax and it took a lot of the ink off which was not my intention.




Now you might be thinking that’s a lot of cauliflower seeds but you would be wrong because I believe the cauliflower is a sacred vegtable.



This is just a simple aide memoire and it’s a nice thing. I’ll stick it in a drawer when I write out the order form.

But I think that I would be better off making little books like this filled with my thoughts about making books than I would making books for the craft shop.

living with broken things
October 5, 2015, 8:00 am
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I recently became aware that I am curating a large number of broken household and personal objects that my inaction to find a remedy is actively holding me back.
I coexist with the broken tumble dryer, a broken freezer drawer, my favourite goretex jacket needs attention, a string of amber beads needs restringing, and at least three pair of trousers need tapered and shorten.
I did get around to buying a new cooker only to have broken the top oven door after a few months so I need to have that fixed.

On Friday morning I went to my bench and did what I do every day I switched on the light and it was dead.


I bought this Phillips SAD light from a charity shop about ten years ago and it is utterly indispensable to me with out this light I can’t bind books.
I hit the internet to find out how to replace the bulbs and they are in a sealed unit. I realised that there is an electricians at the top of my street and I might take it there and look pathetic. I also went on ebay auction that was going to end in two days which I put a last minute bid on and won. So every thing is going to be all right.

When things are that important I can be highly motivated. It also means that I have two SAD lights and I can now ‘run’ two benches. I think I am going to get a list together and get all the broken stuff fixed or replaced.