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living with broken things
October 5, 2015, 8:00 am
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I recently became aware that I am curating a large number of broken household and personal objects that my inaction to find a remedy is actively holding me back.
I coexist with the broken tumble dryer, a broken freezer drawer, my favourite goretex jacket needs attention, a string of amber beads needs restringing, and at least three pair of trousers need tapered and shorten.
I did get around to buying a new cooker only to have broken the top oven door after a few months so I need to have that fixed.

On Friday morning I went to my bench and did what I do every day I switched on the light and it was dead.


I bought this Phillips SAD light from a charity shop about ten years ago and it is utterly indispensable to me with out this light I can’t bind books.
I hit the internet to find out how to replace the bulbs and they are in a sealed unit. I realised that there is an electricians at the top of my street and I might take it there and look pathetic. I also went on ebay auction that was going to end in two days which I put a last minute bid on and won. So every thing is going to be all right.

When things are that important I can be highly motivated. It also means that I have two SAD lights and I can now ‘run’ two benches. I think I am going to get a list together and get all the broken stuff fixed or replaced.


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