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life in the leek trench
November 16, 2015, 10:38 am
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I have decided to grow show leeks and I have joined the allotment association leek club I tried to join the local CIU one as well but I was too late I’ll do it next year. I have been talking to the old men about the leeks for ages now and since I have a green house which I am going to heat in January why not get in to the leek show action.

I was a bit alarmed last week when a man told me he was staring his leeks now.
I have no idea where a can even obtain leeks obviously I shall have to ask a man!
I found this book on ebay and bought it at once.
Was really encouraged that the author seems to know what he’s on about.


This was from last year’s show.


I’ve let down Mrs Canny Body.
November 16, 2015, 10:24 am
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I cut out so many letters last week that I became stupid and it’s only by looking at the photograph can I see just how rough the letters are.
When there is doubt there is no doubt. I will strip the letters off and cut out a new set but with care and attention. I think I have a solution to the problem and it’s just a case of throwing money at it.

My husband does not believe that Mrs Canny Body is a term of endearment but I’ve heard it often. It’s used as a greeting as “Hello Mrs Canny Body”

I still think that Beuk is as funny as hell.


Again the letters are a bit rough but I don’t care.

A beautiful box of watercolours
November 13, 2015, 11:56 am
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I like playing with paints and I am trying to get a bit more consistent with my practice. I found a paint brush I liked and a paper that I liked but the actual paints are harder. I started of with Windsor and Newton artist quality but I don’t like half pans and I didn’t like the colours. I didn’t like working the paints within the actual paint box and I really hate mixing them. I bought some Kramer watercolours and I loved the quality and the colours but they are expensive.


I wanted a lot more colours, and I want more pigment and I see the point of using tubes but liking pans. So when I seen the Japanese watercolours being offered by one of the big suppliers I was quite keen and even better when I discovered that on ebay the Japanese suppliers were offering more colours.


It took over three weeks to get here but this is just brilliant.


I think it was about £68. Think I’ll rush in to town and buy some paper.

the craft shop is not the enemy
November 12, 2015, 1:51 pm
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This is the work so far on the brighter, better, eye catching and hopefully successful books for the craft shop. I had decided to take stop even attempting to do a little bit of retail stuff and I was going to go and bring the books back home. When I went to see them I thought that they looked a bit gloomy in the corner but my heart soared when I was told that the books make people giggle. I made the little ‘beuk’ very quickly as a proof on concept and yes the lettering is off but I like it enough to make a big pile of them.
People need to buy stuff and I should give them reason to buy a little book.

The biggest problem I face is the cutting out of the letters. Each book needs four sets of letters normally when I am doing this it’s for the one book. This time I was making five. Its seriously time consuming and really boring and I have to listen intently to the radio. I totally forgot that normally when faced with this amount of tedium I watch rubbish on the television and drink gin and tonic.


The other thing I forgot is that cut out letters can be unforgiving and I need to find a kinder font. Speaking of which does the actual customer need it to be Clarendon do they actually care?

The other thing about this kind of work is the mess. It’s horrible.


This is what I am reading at the moment
November 10, 2015, 3:17 pm
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Getting a bit excited by the Richard Gameson essay  ‘The image of the Medieval Library’


The mother lode of Alexander Girard design.


Always finding something new in Joseph Crawhall engravings.

On the allotment front.
November 10, 2015, 3:11 pm
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It’s been very mild and the cauliflowers I planted for the spring are ready to eat now. The tomatoes are now finished in the poly tunnel and the green house.
I am just about to finish planting garlic, onions, leeks and even more cauliflowers. In the next few weeks I’ll finish the partition in the green house and begin the black arts of understanding how to heat it with a paraffin heater.

This is the pile of vegetable porn I read every night.


standing at the bench and cutting out letters
November 10, 2015, 3:02 pm
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I am cutting out book titles for my Geordie books and every title is cut out about four times, dies are made for the correct spacing, letters are pasted to leather so the leather can be pared and the coloured leather can be dropped in and pressed. I have started to paste the letters on to a Tyvek backing paper as this means I can use them again.


This is the growing pile of covers that have be pared cling film has a million uses in bookbinding.


This is titles that needs cutting. My hope is that I’ll paste out the letters, put them on the boards and after a pressing and some water spraying the paper / tyvek will slide off. It’s a theory.


The great thing about all that work I did about making a gazillion books at once is that I can just reach to a shelf and pull down a pile of them ready to go to work.