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the craft shop is not the enemy
November 12, 2015, 1:51 pm
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This is the work so far on the brighter, better, eye catching and hopefully successful books for the craft shop. I had decided to take stop even attempting to do a little bit of retail stuff and I was going to go and bring the books back home. When I went to see them I thought that they looked a bit gloomy in the corner but my heart soared when I was told that the books make people giggle. I made the little ‘beuk’ very quickly as a proof on concept and yes the lettering is off but I like it enough to make a big pile of them.
People need to buy stuff and I should give them reason to buy a little book.

The biggest problem I face is the cutting out of the letters. Each book needs four sets of letters normally when I am doing this it’s for the one book. This time I was making five. Its seriously time consuming and really boring and I have to listen intently to the radio. I totally forgot that normally when faced with this amount of tedium I watch rubbish on the television and drink gin and tonic.


The other thing I forgot is that cut out letters can be unforgiving and I need to find a kinder font. Speaking of which does the actual customer need it to be Clarendon do they actually care?

The other thing about this kind of work is the mess. It’s horrible.



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