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Yet again on being judged by my appearance.
January 10, 2016, 3:08 pm
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I was in shop last Saturday morning being very dull buying batteries and I spotted the guy right away and I thought stoned or drunk possibly both. It being 10.30 in the morning I thought fair play to you. So I wondering around and got to the check out and there he has in full ‘compliments of the season to you’ complete with little bows and he looked at me and said ‘A happy new year to you sir’ and I smiled and said thanks but actually I am a woman and he looked a bit embarrassed and I did the reassurance dance and said it’s fine and helpfully gave him the get out clause I said it’s understandable as I am wearing a lot of men’s clothing and he looked at me and said ‘No it’s because you are butch’ and I laughed and he said in his best naughty boy voice ‘your not going to hit me’ and I realised at once that it was exactly what he wanted.  Being slapped around the chops by a big butch woman would be a dream come true.

He left the check out and the girl was so embarrassed and was telling me ‘You don’t look like a man!’ and I saying yeah I do. I obviously do.

What I should have done was whipped the hat off when he said ‘butch’ and confront him with my poor baldly head because if you are going to offer up a judgement on my appearance get it right.

Butch and bald.



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Sounds like he was missing his ma. He probably went home to lie in his own urine.

Comment by Ethan

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