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the ten little hinny books
January 15, 2016, 9:38 am
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I have to confront on of my biggest flaws on a regular basis and it is quite simple I engage in cluttered thinking, I don’t make clear plans, I fail to set out clean and clear objectives.

The little hinny book is a case in point. I was messing around and having fun when I accidentally made this book.


This is not the result of planning or any thing considered it just happened. When I made a copy of it I got it really wrong, the colour choice was poor and inconsiderate and I couldn’t give it to the client so I had another attempt and got it wrong again. It was a different size, bigger letters and although I got the colours right the charm had been drained out of it.

So I got out the rulers and really stuck to the brief.


This is the ten little ‘hinny’ books they are clones of the first one. The biggest improvement is a new range of leather and the letters are die stamped.


so I have this


I made a paper die for the exact placing of the letters by printing the word ‘hinny’ on to tracing paper,  I pasted on letters cut in 300gms on the reverse side of the tracing paper, covered it in cling film and I use this die on dampen leather and give it a nip in the press.

The white letters are cut from tyvek. They are glued on to the leather and given a quick nip and left to dry.


This means that after I have back pared the leather, pasted the leather out and put on the book, give it another nip in the press then the tyvek letters will cleanly peel of the leather.

I am going to come back to the process I have created to put letters on books again and again mainly because there is not enough information out there about how bookbinders have created their own techniques.





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