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the value of structure.
February 18, 2016, 9:05 am
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I consider the paving in the poly tunnel amongst the best work I have ever achieved. I know that is a massive sweeping statement but it’s true. I liked what I did and how I achieved it, it gives me pleasure and it is as proper as a proper thing.

Put it this way a professional mason would not have a problem with it.

At all.

So this morning I am going to rip it out.

I have been a bit quiet of late because I was coming to terms with the fact that I have a new allotment. I learned that I was going to be offered the new plot just before Christmas and it took a lot of coming to terms with. I was in allotment limbo. There was no purpose in working on my existing plot (even though it was January my plot is planted with sprouts, kale, broccoli, leeks and winter lettuce)  and I wouldn’t get the new plot until February. So I’ve been thinking about what I want to achieve on the new plot and being totally all right about walking away form the old plot.

Because my new allotment has everything you would want and more I didn’t need to dismantle the greenhouse or the poly tunnel or any of the existing structures and the hoard of materials which I had stored. You name your price for it and if it’s acceptable it’s a done deal. This is not virtue signalling (except it is) but if the people who got my old plot were unemployed, on benefits or students or pensioners than  we would happily give them everything for nothing. I get it £125 is an enormous amount of money if you have nothing.

So we had ‘we are fine about the price’ right up until yesterday when I had the ‘the door does not close properly on the green house so can we pay £85’ so I said no I thought it was a fair price and I’ll happily dismantle it. I made sure that the person understood what I was about to do that is remove all structure from the allotment. I phrased the question in several different ways so they were clear about what I was intending.

They would want the poly tunnel but as far as I am concerned it’s all or nothing.


In very real terms the only thing of any value here is the polycarbonate greenhouse ‘glass’ and the beautiful paving in the tunnel the rest is what it is and it’s just structures.

I can think of half a dozen people who have plots close by who will happily take the green house and tunnel because I am going to give it away for free and these are people who understand about value and the materials might have come from a skip but if you have two pieces of metal sidings on the premises as it were it’s better than going out to buy it at the builders merchants.

The fence might last another season but I had found the materials to rebuild it. The decking that I used for all the 1.2 meter beds I dragged out of skips and memorially a workings men’s club where I was ‘caught’ by the steward who assumed I was stealing it.

All the structures : shed, greenhouse, tunnel, cold frame, paving, compost bins, netting, plastic pipes, bamboo and I know that the best thing is the paving and the ‘glass’

So I have until Saturday morning to get the stuff off and redistributed to people who will value it and best of all in my new allotment which is absolutely and totally bonkers with industrial strength ‘structure’   I have been ‘left’ a wheeled trolley that is specifically for the moving of paving stones!