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In every dream home there is a shed ache.
April 7, 2016, 8:28 am
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So I got a new allotment and I have been working at clearing and cleaning and in doing so I have learnt so much. The main thing is about the very real archaeology of objects stored in ‘out buildings’ the ‘stuff’ is on the allotment site for a reason, because he believed it had value or needed saving or could be adapted or because he had an idea. He would refer to the ‘stuff’ as junk. I knew it was treasure and I had to stop him from taking it to the local tip.

‘He’ is the man who created the allotment over a twenty year period and I now have the garden and the stuff he didn’t need or want or stuff he particularly wanted me to have.

He had a collection of old gardening tools that I have been restoring, using a wire brush on the metal, sanding the wooden handle and rubbing it with the linseed oil that he left.

I have three wheel barrows. One needs a new tire which I have. The other needs to have it’s tire re-inflated and I have two tire pumps.

I have twelve watering cans along with a hose pipe watering system which every bed has its own hose. The old gardeners liked to use watering cans directly at the root of the plant. In the summer when it’s hot I will be setting out a lot of filled watering cans with saved rain water adding a liquid feed.

Best off all the stuff was the improvised tools, the mending of existing tools and the honest repair of equipment.

In dealing with the ‘stuff’ I realised that I have the equivalent of a shed in every room of my house. There is an area of space where items have accumulated and have become a mixture of junk and artifices. Clothes I will never wear again, books I will never open, tools that have manifestly failed to do the task, piles and piles of paper, failed knitting and sewing projects, orphaned books, bits of dinner service I will never use.

The important lesson I have learnt on the new allotment is ‘de-sheding’ and I got really good at looking at something and working out it’s intrinsic value in a time period of now and in the future. When faced with a collection of ten old paraffin heaters the answer is stash them away and get the best ones working. I am becoming an expert on the care and rehabilitation of old paraffin heaters.

The other thing I have learnt is finding out a particular solution and acting on it immediately normally by pressing the pay button on ebay and getting the tools or materials delivered. I have become very solution focused like a simple arithmetical equation ‘this plus this’ equals a trip to Wilkinsons buy an item and enact the solution.

De sheding is fundamentally good for the soul.



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