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Selling hinnies by the pound.
May 27, 2016, 7:57 am
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A couple of week back I sold a ‘hinny’ book it was from the original group of ten.


It was the one that was perfect I am not saying the other nine are differently loved by I do consider them to be ‘bashed hinnies’ It was the perfect one that I took to British Library and introduced it to the little St Cuthbert’s Gospel.  I have done mad shit in my time but that audacious act tops every thing. Comparing and contracting a piece of work you have done with a masterpiece is really illuminating.

And I was not humbled. I was not daunted. I was not embarrassed by my efforts. I was not found wanting.

I gained powerful insight in to what the bookbinder who made the book was achieving with his effortless grace. Last year I seen the gospel at Durham and I was the first person in the gallery in the morning and I got a chair and sat down and filled my note book with drawings and impressions of it and tried really hard to write my impressions of it. Getting the little book to talk to me. I bought a post card of it and it’s on the bench at all times.



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