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trying to get back to binding books
June 1, 2016, 9:37 am
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I have been so engaged with working on the allotment that I have let the bookbinding slide. That’s all right as I don’t have anything to prove with my bookbinding practice and I am so relaxed about it. I have come to terms with my levels of success and failure and I make the books I want to make. I may be able to explore an avenue of bookbinding that I find exciting and it’s an opportunity I feel more able to exploit now than when I first identified it decades ago. There is a way to be good again.

I have a workshop coming up in a few weeks obviously I don’t have the mythical hand out ready for it it’s going to be two sheets of A4 with my stream of conciousness babbling about materials, tools and practice. I will as ever be banging on about just how we make the book handsome with labels and decorated paper. I’ll be giving away little beeswax animals and sewing needles.


I’ve been working at the allotment a great deal. Multiple sessions during the day as I am planting it out. All the stuff comes out of the green houses and goes in to the ground.


This is where you find out how obsessive you have become about cauliflower and kale.

I am going to bind some books this week, I am going to set up a work bench in the living room as I have broken my own work area so much.

I am going to print some labels for my workshop and some little prints to stick in to books.


I also have to make some preserves and I have never done that before so I have this little starter kit with four little jars and some plastic tools. I might have to make labels for the jars! I have to make chutney because I have a gazillion tomato plants and a forest of gooseberry bushes.

It occurred to me the other day that I am fiercely competitive about the allotment and I have massive ambitions for it and I don’t even consider myself a gardener. I am just a bookbinder playing outside trying to make a patch of land handsome.



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