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Today I am going to do great things.
June 6, 2016, 7:45 am
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My husband was on holiday last week and has returned to work this morning. It takes a few days for me to re-establish my routine and I need to accomplish a great deal of tasks.

I am still looking at working through the list as effectively as possible and I am trying to be creative with the stress caused by teetering on the brink.

I have to begin to bookbind again. I have a commission to begin. I want to make some books using the beautiful Liberty fabric.


I think it’s going to be ‘flower’ books. Which means flowers on the cover with an onlay of leather and perhaps a title on the spine.


Obviously I am going to make more of these bad girls. I consider them to be the equivalent of practising scales.


In the garden I am close to finishing planting out in the two beds. Just got a ton of brassicas to plant and net. An evil pigeon got trapped in the middle green house and eat a couple of trays of plants and then threw it’s self at random panes of glass trying to find out  where the door was. It was doing me a favour as I have planted way to many plants.

I have finished planting in the poly tunnel. I have just about finished on two of the raised beds, I have just about finished planting the flowers in shade house. I have to weed and feed and plant the leeks in the leek trench. I will never ‘do’ show leeks again it’s rubbish.

In between all of this I have a workshop in less than a fortnight so I am going to prepare for it this week to get it out the way.

I know I am just randomly babbling a list of intentions here but it helps to get it in to perspective and I get closer to achieving some kind of compromise and it’s what I’ve done with my life.

In between all of this something wonderful happened on the tool front which makes me very excited and happy and anxious all at the same time. It does mean that I will be doing my very best with this chap.



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