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this is my bench and it’s not a pretty sight
July 18, 2016, 10:34 am
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My bookbinding is in trouble and I am going to fix it and make it better.

I don’t have a priest to turn to who can help and support me but I do have this blog and I can use it chart my intentions and progress. I need to make tiny steps, I need to commit to some time at the bench but mostly I need to make books.

I have not been bookbinding mainly because my commitment to the allotment which has been a massive undertaking. I have not posted any photographs of it because it’s not handsome at the moment.

Look at my bench it’s a mess. I’ve empty out my rucksack from coming back from teach some bookbinding, there is my half hearted attempt to make “the transmission of magical knowledge” and I can’t make it the lettering does not work and ‘transmission’ is to big a word for the cover.  Besides it was a poor attempt to kick start the bookbinding again and what was achieved was kicking me. I can’t make the book because I can’t afford the leather and I can’t justify making big books with daft titles because no one is going to buy them and no one is going to see them.

I can make small books and I can afford and I have the materials. The ‘thought experiment’ that has been going on since Christmas about how to make the small books well and effectively has concluded and I just need to buy some metal pressing sheets to close the deal. The fly in the ointment is this. Even if I get the books in to the craft shop I think that if the book sells for £25 I think I’ll see as much as £12.50 and that’s heart breaking. The little books deserve so much better than that and now I am crying. Like the man said : I can’t go on…..I’ll go on.

So what’s going to happen is I am going to clean the top of my bench, put the tools away, clear up every thing as much as I can and set up my tools for some bookbinding and write up a plan of action for the day. I am going to write it up as I go along. I am going to take the small steps to bring my bookbinding front and centre in my life.




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