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July 29, 2016, 9:13 am
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It feels that all done for the past month is talk and think about bookbinding because I have done a workshop and had some teaching sessions. For me it has allowed me to think about my ideas and develop my understanding about the use of tools and the making of a book.

For what it’s worth I think my ‘thinking’ about books and tools is absolutely on the money. If I am saying ‘it’ I whole heartily believe it. The problem in teaching particular techniques is how I ‘do’ a method has evolved from how my teacher taught me, how I have researched it, what materials I am using and what ‘effect’ I want it to have.

I am probably the very worst person to teach bookbinding technique because I am so very far from home.

What I am liking about my current thoughts is that for me making a book is about creating a series of mechanisms that allow the book to function and maintains the security of the block. I use the appropriate materials and I am effective in using my tools to fashion a book.

When I have a book in my hand I am 100% in judgement and if it’s failing I will either fix it or bin it.


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