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On gardening and making books.
August 16, 2016, 8:53 am
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This is my allotment. The photograph does not show much but what you can see is that it’s has a path running down the middle, it’s on a slope and I am very keen on wind break fabric. The other thing about my allotment is that it’s not beautiful. It’s very industrial, it’s practical, it’s purpose is to maximise food production as effectively as possible, throughout the whole of the year.

A garden is not a great big blank slate which you plug seeds in to and step back and take the vegetables months later. It’s a dynamic living space which is not only home to the seedlings but also plants you don’t want and fungal lifeforms in the soil that will attack your plants. I have to live with mares tail, chick weed and club root and I am going to go to battle with them every day.

I see allotments that are in ‘failure’ people are attracted to the notion of ‘doing the allotment’ but fail to realise how much work is necessary and to what standard they need to achieve. They are engaging with creating a narrative and they are playing a role in it. I think they are ‘doing the allotment’ so they can talk about it with their friends and family. The ‘we-were-down-at-the allotment-this-weekend’ They get discouraged by failure where the garden is just a feed back mechanism.

I decide on growing a specific vegetable based on the seed merchants notes and what I understand about what is growing on my plot.  I put a developed plant (and not a seed) in to soil (that is in good order) in the right time of the season and I look after it (by weeding around it, by feeding it and taking care of it’s health) I also have to harvest the plant at it’s optimum and not just leave it out to go on to produce seed.

And I think it’s the same when your engaged with making craft items in my case bookbinding.


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