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On being effective.
September 1, 2016, 9:54 am
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When ever I get some money from some bookbinding activity I invest it in to becoming a better bookbinder. So I trying to work out what’s the best thing to do. I think I can be more effective if I absolutely clear out my work area and have better storage for tools and materials. I should identify what tools I am not working with and have no plans for ever using and I should get them on to ebay so I can realise the value and buy more tools.

I should buy whatever book I think is going to help me communicate what I think about making books by hand. Even if the book is ridiculously expensive.

I need to get a technician fix a computer and get the phone and ipad all to talk to each other.  This would mean facing up to the fact that this machine is ten years old and has ten years of unedited photographs on it. I don’t do the phone at all and I should because I really like the timer function.

I have been procrastinating about buying a photo printer and a scanner but managed to decide that it would be more effective to get the photos printed out by professionals so the phoney baloney little book of flowers might actually happen.

I really don’t need a Barbour jacket even if it would make me look really cool.

I think if I get some one to actually fit some new floor covering in the study it would force me to actually have a specific and identifiable date in time when every thing has to come out the room.

I am now going to see how much of this I can achieve immediately.




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