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September 8, 2016, 7:44 am
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Last week I walked out the house and went directly to the carpet shop and bought and arranged new floor covering for the study which means that every thing had to come out and will have to go back in. I then went to the computer technician and gave him a pile of computers and asked that he makes them all better and do a factory reboot. I am just about to press ‘pay’ on a tool chest.

I am way to tolerant of the multiple of duplications of items I own. It’s the problem with living with some really good charity shops I am on auto command to buy when ever I see them : Royal Worcester evesham dinner service and le creuset pots and pans. The dog eats and drinks out of le creuset and I can do a medium banquet with the prissy plates decorated with asparagus, corn, plums, pears and brambles.

I have a slush pile of hand bound books. I think I might have a fondness for about half a dozen the rest are just taking up space. I have decided to redistribute them amongst a couple of people I know who have children under ten. The books I think as B+ will go to someone who reached out to me.

I am going to assess every tool and decide it’s fate, every single sheet of paper will live or die, every prop I have bought to create a narrative that I may have signed up for but really wasn’t prepared to do the deep down dirty hard work. I give you calligraphy, floral painting, typography and watercolour. It’s all going to go.

Shops are great store houses and if I am overwhelmed by the need to draw I’ll go and buy a pen.

I am sitting in the living room and the study contents are rammed in and I can see four lying presses and five ploughs and I know I have at the last count three band nippers.

The playing around with watercolour paints taught me how to buy good quality paints and what paper I like to paint on. I believe that the handmade book is made better by having hand decorated endpapers and I enjoy the rush of putting colour on paper.

I got to ‘here’ by thinking about the space around me and the tools and the materials when I am making a book and I want the tools to be stored appropriately and to be in good order. I want to materials to be the best I can access and stored appropriately and not hoarded.

I went past a house yesterday that used to be home to some eco / social justice warrior types and a team of men were just tipping every thing out, smashing it up and fling the remains on to the back of a van. My heart cheered that the horrible mosaic plaque which featured at the front of the house had met it’s grisly fate. I hate bad art.

But I did like the men taking out the rubbish.


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