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on the making of pork pies
September 8, 2016, 8:46 am
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This is number three in the series of pork pies I have made. I got the seasoning wrong, I failed to keep the work place clear, didn’t put out all the ingredients in to little dishes and I failed to complete the making of the pie by putting in the lovely jelly.

So I have stashed lot’s of pork, veal, ham and sausages in the freezer in case I am moved to make pork pie number four. I have a shelf full of lard and butter for the hot water pastry.

I have taken away the pile of French cookery books and replaced them with traditional English cookery books with the emphasis on the historical back ground. Jane Gregson is my homie. The best book I have is the ‘Reader’s Digest Book of Farmhouse Cooking’ which the good Jane has contributed to and best of all the book is full of Thomas Bewick engravings. It is the most astonishing book.

Last night I found the recipe for the little Scotch pies which you buy every where in Scotland. They are little raised pies made with a thin water crust pastry and filled with mutton. So I think I shall be off to the Lebanese butchers at the top of the street to stock up on some mutton and bones. Imagine a plate full of little pies!


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