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On being brave at the vegetable beauty shows.
September 13, 2016, 9:44 am
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I entered a garden show at a local working men’s club and as I was sorting vegetables out my husband said “I think you are being very brave” and later he mentioned the bravery thing again and I thought ‘yikes’.  I am not a member of the club, I might be next year and I was entering under another member’s name. This was know by all concerned on the committee and I had talked with the new secretary and I had a schedule for the show.

I think the men at the club thought kindly of me and knew I was not in in way a threat just a woman who wants to learn how to ‘do’ show vegetables and flowers. I am keen.

So I took my ‘brave’ pills and wandered up the road with leeks, flowers and tomatoes. The men were really lovely to me and very helpful and as I looked along the show benches I realised that the standard was incredible and that it was obvious that no one put their stuff in for a laugh, no one was having a ‘try’ this was completive growing by men at the top of their game.

Obviously I didn’t win anything but my leek was standard and was not disqualified for being ‘long’ and it was last, but like I say it was ‘scheduled’

Looking at the show the next day it was like a exhibition of art and like a good art show some items get to you. For me it was a entry for 12 aster  flowers which were shown in a box they were beautiful and obviously prize winners. The other thing I loved was an enormous cauliflower which was ‘best produce in show’ The thing I took away was I could have entered some celery but as I read the schedule “pink or white celery” I decided that mine was much to “green” so I didn’t and I should have.

Next year I am going to enter practically every class in the shows in my own association and at the club. I am going to even embrace the suck which is ‘allotment flowers’ as I really dislike gladioli, not found of massive big dahlias but I do like the small pom pom ones. The thing I am really going to grow is asters.




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