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The evil that presses do.
October 13, 2016, 10:16 am
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I managed to attach the press to the bench and I have stopped bleeding so that’s a big win. I really love this press it was made for me by a local cabinet maker and the tub for it was never any good so I drilled it to the edge of the bench. The bench has been raised so it’s at the right height. I can only bind books standing up.



finding purpose in bench work
October 13, 2016, 8:18 am
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I have been consistent at working at my bench and making books for many years. I have developed techniques in bookbinding that does not compromise my ideas about construction and materials. I believe in making the book handsome. I have purpose in my life by making the little books and I suck big style at promoting them.

So I am going to get a lot better at the sales stuff by making the books ridiculously brilliant. With so much bad work around it’s vital to make good stuff.

So I am going to get out a drill and attach a press to my bench as I have been putting off doing it because I thought it was going to be a major performance however I remembered that at one time I built a shed

I am then going to think about making a new press that will take ten books and allow me to glue the spines.

Getting to ‘better’
October 11, 2016, 7:53 am
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I have managed to get the new floor covering in to the study and have bought a big tool chest and I am trying to get the tools off the open shelfs and in to drawers. All the ‘noise’ of disorganised and chaotic tools and materials lying around in heaps does nothing but undermine the ability to work in a environment that demands that the ‘work’ carried out is effective and productive.

I had noticed that because of the layout of the room I could not access and use equipment and tools and that I could not move around my working area and it was making me angry. Being ‘angry’ is not in a good place if your are making something it gets in the way and messes with judgement.

So I have new storage for tools and I want all the materials out of my sight as I find them distracting. I want the work area to be a bit more clinical and focused.

I have started a new series of ten books to find out specifically where I am making poor judgment in the production process and I am going to fix every problem I come across. So it’s ten books that will be sold either in a shop or online. It’s not going to be enough just to go to the bench and randomly bind books to no particular end other than I have manufactured a book. I need to manufacture and deliver to a market place an object that has a value and an buyer.

I have been thinking along the lines of seasonal books. People need to buy stuff all year round so why not Halloween and Christmas books.

Before I get stuck in to moving books, tools and materials I am going to go down to the allotment and gaze upon the absolute beauty of the ‘middle’ greenhouse. I did a really great job of clearing it up yesterday I was very effective mainly because I used a timer and did three twenty minute sessions and the results are great and make me happy.