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I am a two benches sort of woman.
November 28, 2016, 11:42 am
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The hell of cleaning out and restoring my work area continues to dominate my days as I find thousands of things to do rather that apply myself to the task of sorting out materials and tools and unfinished work. One thing I have managed is to get the second bench play. Rather than use it as a crap magnet I should be able to walk between the two benches I intend that the top of both benches be kept ‘clear’ I know on the above photo there is a printing press, the rollers of another press, an extraordinarily ugly but effective book press and a SAD light that needs new bulbs. It’s a mess but I’ll get it sorted and I really liked the having two separate work stations.

some new work
November 25, 2016, 12:11 pm
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Well I am calling it new in that I have made them recently. I always had a thing about books for love and hate and the skull and crossbones are going to be used for a ‘book of hate’ I am going to make little books of love this week! The skeleton is for a ‘memento mori’ book and I really do not understand why the white leather is so very hard to pare.

The ‘hinny’ books are about the technique of getting the word centered on the board and that’s working for me. The tree and critters is what it is.

So next step is to make some little books that people are compelled to buy. Sticky in their hands the move directly to the till and I think it’s going to be little books of love with some critters.


a bookbinder’s tool box
November 25, 2016, 11:28 am
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A few months ago I was unhappy about how I was working at my bench and that the whole room was filled with stuff that was oppressive and mainly unfinished. My shelves were not working for me and it was just horrible. So I decided to get new floor covering so I would be forced to take everything out the room and bring it back in or take to the tip.

I also decided to move my tool collection into the room I had them in a nice set of wooden drawers sitting on top of a plan chest. I have no space and too much furniture. So I bought the snazzy set of drawers and evicted the house tools from their home in the upper drawer unit and united them for my tools. I’ll rehome the house tools in the wooden drawers.


I have all the tools behind me in drawers.


Admittedly I need them to be a bit more ordered but I am getting there.