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It’s alright ma I’m only bookbinding.
April 28, 2017, 10:11 am
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So I sorted out all the paper in the drawers and identified what I had accumulated.

There is the remains of jeffery paper, other people’s marbled paper, my marbled paper, my painted paper, hand made paper with flowers and twigs in it I also came across this scrap of a paper by the much missed Ann Muir.


I also came across a collection of paper which I absolutely loved but had no luck with.

This paper is from a French factory which makes decorative cloth flowers you know for hats and the like.


The paper caught the drips of dyes from the flowers.



Thats a scrap of Jane’s ‘funny animals’ paper on top.


I like these papers a lot. They are strong, bold and random. They are what they are.

The best part of yesterday was I found some endpapers that I had painted and would make for an good sized book, I found a drawer full of a very nice paper that I can bind, I cleared a shelf of unfinished, unpurposed book that quietly mocked me and I put them in a box. Sometimes it’s like the creepy ventriloquist puppet that talks from inside the case.

So I am slightly ever so back in love with bookbinding again. I am sorting out the work area. I am sure the drawers will fit back in to the case.


And when that happens I am going to label every single drawer. Correctly.


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