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Practice makes practice.
September 14, 2017, 8:33 am
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This is another episode in my journey back to bookbinding and I have discovered that I have a new strength and it’s just a little whisper to me ‘it does not have to be this way’  I need to rely on being kinder to myself and make little gains. So I have started making a book which will have all the features that I like. Hand painted endpapers, silk ribbon marker, coloured edges and the boards decorated with flowers.

I have a date in mind where I want to achieve some tasks that I have found massively difficult mainly I need to have a clear out of cupboards and drawers and I need to have an ebay sale to get some money together for materials and I think it’s good to get some tools and equipment back in to circulation.

I know I feel resentful to the collection of books because they take up so much space and I wonder if I’ll ever open them again I am quite sure that I can get them down to one shelf. But I recognise that the books were the making of me and it took skill and dedication to put the collection together and some of them are now quite valuable. I don’t need to make a decision at the moment but at some point I am going to have to get a dealer in.

I am going to engage totally in creating change in my life and I am going to be effective and consistent.


The once and future bookbinder
September 8, 2017, 8:50 am
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So I got distracted by the allotment and defeated (temporary) by the self inflicted chaos in my workroom. I deluded myself that the taking money for the books was secondary when actually I really think it’s important that I get the highest monetary value I can for my work. I have no problems with giving away prototypes in fact I think it’s vital to get them in to the world and I have no issues with giving away the waifs, strays and orphans from attempts of making books to sell in the craft shop. Be free my pretties.

At the moment what I wast to make is books like this


and I want to make books like this



So it’s garden books and memento mori books.


I forgot about this beauty which was a visitors book.

bookbinders block
September 5, 2017, 8:27 am
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and again the little strawberry on the back


I say ‘new work it’s actually a couple of months ago. I seriously think I’ll never get back to fully engaged with bookbinding and I feel ever so slightly and in a tiny way unhappy about that. I’ve got to this position by being really silly about something. I replaced the floor covering in my work area and tried to integrate two tool chests and in the mean time I filled the room up with random junk. On the other hand I had the new allotment and worked at several refurbishing projects which I have finished.

The room is so trashed I know the only solution is to take every single item out of it to a holding area and assess it’s value. I then need to store the tools and materials properly.

Then I am going to do a series of bookbinding, I am going to make ten books which I think would appeal to a person who had a garden. ( a couple of points that are obvious to me) I actually really need the bookbinding to pay I want and deserve a money for the books to make books and not sell them is like collecting cat ornaments. It’s pretty obvious to me that I can make books and I like making them I just need a purpose.

I don’t have a priest, a coach or a friend to go to for this so I am going to spell out the journey back to bookbinding in little steps in this blog which no one reads.

It’s not all doom and gloom at the vegetable show I had two firsts, a second and two thirds.