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November 23, 2017, 9:03 am
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It’s all very well thinking it would be great to have a massive asparagus bed but when you see a great deal on crowns and double up on the order then when a big box arrives I am faced with the inevitable act of digging and preparing trenches. I decided to buy crowns because it dawned on me that the asparagus I was raising from seed was going to need care and shelter for at least two years before I put it in the ground. So now I am going to stick it in the front garden and have lovely ferns.

My next bit of brilliant thinking was I want to take photographs of tulips so I had better buy some and plant them and with in minutes I had ordered a big collection of parrot tulips which I now need to plant in to the ground.

Last year I thought it would be funny to feed a crow with bone shaped dog biscuits ( I always have dog biscuits in my pockets) and with in days the crows were finding me they fly close to me to get attention and I carry a little tin of bird food and dole it out to them. Sometimes I can get them to follow me to the allotment, sometimes they visit the allotment and this week they found me waiting for a bus. The crows sometimes land on the tops of cars and freak out people and just pretend not to know them and this makes it worse.

So I am going to have tulips, asparagus and crows.


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The crows are your friends – this made me think of mum who couldn’t open the back door without the birds gathering and expecting to be fed. It was a great source of pleasure and frustration to her! She was always searching for a crust or two for them. I have been visited recently by a very noble robin. I don’t feed the birds here because of Alfie the cat. He lives next door and is in charge of keeping our street in order. In my last house I had daily visits from birds of all sorts and often reached for my Observer’s spotters book to find out about new comers. I will try to feed the robin when Alfie isn’t looking and also get a photo of him- he is lovely, plump with a puffed out chest. I would love him to be my friend. Good luck with the asparagus and tulips.

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