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I have been very quiet of late.
May 9, 2018, 10:26 am
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I am absolutely fine and I have been fighting to good fight in dealing with all the contents of my house.Some young people came by to see me the other day and I could guess that one of them was just a tiny bit horrified by the battlefield that constitutes my home.  But I am winning. What I recognise is that I have assembled over the course of thirty plus years is tools, materials and books around the areas that intrest me. Bookbinding, Printing, Graphic Design, Floral Art, Photography, Typography and Calligraphy.   Along with the manuals I have the tools and equipment and I have a lot of books on the historical back ground as well. I also had a massive amount of my own work in bookbinding that I had to deal with.

I am retiring from bookbinding so I can concentrate on bookbinding. I had so much unfinished, unwanted, failed and broken work around me that it required swift and immediate action and many trips to the tip.

I moved my bench and revarnished the surface. I moved the tool chests out of my immediate work area. I want to work in a monk cell. I want to have a clear bench, I want the work to be numbered and accessed and I want it to have purpose after I have made it and not just be in a heap.

What I like in the hand made book is : coloured edges, decorated end papers, small books that fit in the hand, round corners, bevelled boards, spring backs and I like a silk ribbon marker. I want them fully bound in goatskin and I want them decorated with flowers and I want them to have a great title either in leather in Clarendon or in gold blocking and not foil but proper gold blocking.

You know I am just talking to myself here and this is a list of intentions but it’s absolutely true.


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