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Why I love living in Newcastle
May 12, 2018, 9:48 am
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I went in to town this morning and this is what I did.

I went to the building society and stashed away the birthday money in my ‘running away account’ the lady wanted me to have an interview with an advisor so I could get a better rate. I have £44 in the account and I am trying to get it to £100 before I take it out for a spending spree. I turned down her kind offer. I noted that the Lang Gallery opposite still is showing the David Bomberg exhibition and I still have time.

I went to the Lit and Phil and got rewarded with a book on the history of the country house library and a book on the friendship between David Hume and Adam Smith. Double bonus points because of the the chapters in it is called “the cheerful skeptic” which makes me happy as I want to make books with that as a title.

I went to the Granger Market and I bought a lot of really smashing grub obviously I bought tons of berries I used to handover my bag to the man and say ‘all the berries’ and I went in and out of my favourite stalls, I bought the eponymous ‘Geordie Bangers’, I bought a carton of ‘cheese savoury’, roast belly pork, Scottish square sausage, I went to a place where they are selling posh food just over / close to it’s sell by date and loaded up on walnut and date cake, silly pop corn, vegetable crisps and posho biscuits.

I bought a slab of pork pie with eggs, a frozen stuffed guinea fowl giving it away at £3 and a big pile of gammon stakes. I then went to Waitrose and bought a massive pork hock, more digestive biscuits and a big slab of chocolate.

I did’t buy the baked herrings or the crab meat and I did want them.

I did see the most amazing lady shirt thing which I might just have been the only person in the market that moment who seen it and recognised the fabric as an actual Kandinsky painting and I wanted it so I asked the price and it was £54 which was a bit of a let down as I really wanted it be £15.

But thats why we have a running away account.


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