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The practice is the practice.
May 16, 2018, 7:12 am
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One of the reasons why people fail at a given task is because they are unable to separate the notion of what ‘should be’ and what ‘is’. Over the past couple of years I have seen people come and go in the allotments and they start really excited and have a powerful notion of what they want to achieve and they fail to bring it off because they believe in short cuts or some other type of magical thinking. You need to take the weeds out, you need to plant out strong little vegetable plants that need shelter from the wind, covered from the birds, defended from the slugs and placed in to a well hoed and fed soil. They will need to be watered and further fed with liquid feeds and kept weed free.

When it comes down to it you have to be consistent in your practice. You have to be realistic when you use tools and strive to be efficient in their use. You have to ask yourself if you are using the right tool for the task and am I using it correctly. Did I clean it before putting it away? Is is sharpened because using dull tools is rubbish.

One of my favourite garden tools is a stiff brush. I pull all the weeds out and leave them on the paths and then brush them up. I’ll use a brush on a well trodden compacted soil path. People make a mistake by thinking a grass path is desirable and consequently ‘lovely’ but in my book grass is a weed and I am not going to cultivate weeds. Besides it needs mowing every fortnight.

So I am off for a ninety minute practice in the garden. The first 15 – 20 minutes is given up to the destruction of weeds. Then I am going to plant out some onions, some strawberries and I am going to finish the netting in the fruit cage.

I do think about bookbinding and I am thinking about rainbows and unicorns and profanities and silver linings.

But mostly I think about kale.


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