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Starting early
May 22, 2018, 7:50 am
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We pay way to much attention to the notion of ‘starting’ when we would benefit from giving consideration to ‘when’ I should have started onions and leeks as far back as December / January rather than end of February / March. I want to plant out leeks now that are as thick and onions that are well grown. I just scored a own goal as I dithered about when to heat a greenhouse and I made a false economy about spending money on paraffin. I decided to germinate seeds using a heated propagator at home and that failed for me because I didn’t have the ‘light’ consequently my plants are a bit behind, I lost a lot of seed because they would not germinate. I then doubled up my mistakes by running the paraffin heated propagator day and night were previously I used a heater to keep the frost off / away. By keeping it on all the time to germinate seeds worked really well however the unintended consequences happened and the littlest seed trays I was using because I thought they were ‘cute’ required a lot more water and I lost a lot of seeds are they dried out and it was aways the best most expensive seeds that I killed off.

So I have had to spend more money in buying in that plants that I could have germinated safely and had repotted several times before placing them in there final pots now.

So next year for leeks, onions, shallots and spring onions : Start in a greenhouse nice and early like the end of December.  Have two heated areas. One a dedicated area propagate seeds and an other area a fully insulated bench area heated from below where the seedlings can develop and then move them to the poly tunnel in a final pot with fleece and bubble wrap if necessary to be planted out at the beginning of May.

While all this fun is going on with hundreds and hundreds of onions and leeks from seed. I am going start in February corn, peas, beans and tomatoes beetroot and lettuce for the poly tunnel. I am going to put potatoes in it in January as well so I will have a crop of everything by June taking it right way and clearing space for proper tomatoes, peppers and chillies.

I think I will start a paraffin savings account in the autumn so that I have no excuse.

I do think about bookbinding and I had the most awful nightmare the other night where I was forced to explain to ‘Father Ted’ that I had been avoiding him because I was embarrassed and ashamed about my failure and Father Ted was angry with me and he was very old as it had been so long and I tired to make light of it all by showing him some dwarf beans I had grown. Needless to say this made him more angry.

I will clear away the stuff on the top of my bench, I will colour a set of end papers and I will fold some signatures and press them I will sew them up and glue and cloth the spine and make a case and then make a cover and make the book handsome.



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