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ideas are like plants
August 8, 2018, 8:30 am
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One of my mantras that I bang on and on about goes something like this : that all my flaws and mistakes are always on show and that every endeavour that I undertake will make them visible.  I make the same mistakes all the time and it’s every where.

I seen one the other day. In the garden I was late for planting out for the summer, I really hammered the planting out for the winter and I was not great at keeping on top of watering the main beds.

I planted way to much kale, cabbage and cauliflowers and had them ready to go in to the ground when a space became available or I decided where to put them or when I got around to it.  So what happened was I had a lot of plants in white plastic cups randomly placed around the garden, some in blue plastic mushroom boxes some just waiting to go.

One of the things about the plants are they are not all club root resistant and they now all pot bound and screaming to get in the ground and I have not planned enough space that I can net to keep the birds off.

I was so focused on the winter I failed to get the summer fully established.

Some of these plants are really non viable. They need to go to compost bin.

I get way too many ideas. I don’t take care of them. I don’t value them.

I did change my practice in the greenhouse. I decided to grow disease resistant tomatoes. I grew cherry size fruits, I watered them twice a day, I placed the pots in a tray and watered from the bottom and fed them from the top. They got Sunday lunch of comfrey and seaweed. I got thriving plants and loads of tomatoes and cucumber.

The right plants in the right place protected from predators, fed and nourished.

no body likes a cry baby
August 1, 2018, 7:11 am
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DSCF6518 Word Press told me the other day that they were going to take the monies from my account for hosting this here blog and I thought I should get my monies worth by posting some random shit that I am thinking.  Hence me going blah blah blah about ‘not’ bookbinding. Fact of the matter is and strange as it may seem people actually read this stuff and on a regular basis. The bleating about not making books is really unpopular and no one wants to read but if I put ‘ decorative papers of J & J Jeffery of Edinburgh’ in the title then it’s going to get read. Maybe if I put in a made a pile of books for a craft shop and covered them in Jeffery paper and they still did not sell it would make me feel a lot better.

I could write a splendid blog about tradition English Allotment gardening,  It would be about winter gardening, hot beds, leek trenches, brassica cages, grafted plants, black tomatoes, sacred cauliflowers and cold frames in the winter and it would be really, really popular but it’s my own little daily practice and it really is of no consequence.

I write about not bookbinding and the hopeful return to making books because in a very real sense being and becoming a bookbinder is vital to my identity just as not practicing as a bookbinder is vital to me.

Meanwhile in the real world today I am going to plant out kale and leeks, I am going to do battle with vines and I am going to feed a couple of likely lads of cauliflower that just might be entered in to a beauty show in September.

At some point I am going to clear out one single drawer in my tool chest as a start perhaps the one with collection of broken and hard glue brushes.